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Liu Tao's beauty is not only in the face, but also in the perfect figure ratio, good figure is in need of exercise, as long as you can adhere to do yoga for a long time, such a perfect figure you can also have!


Liu tao changxiang gentle atmosphere, with chinese traditional women's intellectual beauty. In addition to these few bright spots, her figure is also very outstanding. Perfect proportion, a pair of beautiful legs always sucking eyes countless, various styles of clothing in Liu Tao seems to give magic charm, always able to control easily, this is probably belong to the \"God enjoy the meal\" type, so let's enjoy the beauty of Liu Tao together!


The upper body of the light gray bat-style sweater, loose and casual, the short design reduces the heavy feeling of clothing, and appears to be more slender and white arms. Screwed vertical lapel perfectly shows liu tao's charming neck curve, a simple top is \"hidden mystery \", slightly raised arms seem to block the glare of the sun, a warm smile on the face, is the most beautiful scenery in the winter.


The overall style still belongs to the classic black and white lap, the upper body light gray sweater with the lower body stripes of the waist skirt, as well as a pair of able deep coffee boots, to form the perfect visual effect, appears Liu Tao's figure is very slender. Showing the slender legs is to add a lot of points to Liu Tao, such a good body is really the perfect clothes shelf, such a beautiful Liu Tao is impeccable.


Liu Tao's slender waist sets off the right proportion of the upper body, and the shoulders do not appear stout because of the thickening of the clothes. The red lipstick smeared on the perfect lip shape added charm to her, exquisite eye makeup perfectly outlined Liu Tao's charming eyes, chest and hand ornaments, added to the woman's expensive, even simple black and white lap, but also can let Liu Tao have their own unique style.


Liu Tao's body is different from the average actress is very thin, but still very \"eye-catching \", this is because the proportion of her body is very good, that is, we often call the\" dress thin \"type, in fact, we can have such a state, we need to keep on exercising, this is why, sister Bo recommended yoga today, this kind of sports style changeable, easy to practice, let's try it!


The \"bucket-type\" figure will let us have no beauty to say, only exquisite body is the envy of everyone. To get rid of the fat on the waist, it is necessary to stick to the exercise, the following posture to help us do this, this is the first step to have a perfect curve.


The legs open to the strongest, the left leg is lifted from the calf, the left hand holds the tip of the left foot, the head moves back in the direction of the calf, the upper body is tilted back, the right hand is to the back of the body, and the right leg is stretched straight.


The legs open a certain range, the right leg toes to the ground, the left leg up, the upper body to the left writhing, the left hand fork waist, tight abdomen, the left leg finally fell on the crooked left arm, the right hand is naturally straight.


Legs remain flat, left foot to the ground, right foot on the left foot, the strength concentrated in the left foot part, tight abdomen, upper body upside down, hands to support the ground, using the strength of the waist to bow up the body.


The thick arms will look very strong, make you look like a man, really not a bit of beauty, we must adhere to the practice of the following yoga posture, remove the weight on the arm, to have a perfect curve.


The arm goes to the ground at the same time, the body is turned upside down, the right leg toes point to the ground, the left leg toes face up, as far as possible stretch straight, pay attention to protect the head, at the same time during the exercise, the strength is concentrated on the arm.


The hips are on the ground, the legs are stretched at a certain angle, the right arm is bent through the right leg to the back of the body, the left arm extends along the direction of the right arm, and the upper body is slightly twisted to the right to keep the balance.


The left foot is in a standing position, with the right leg back, lifting up as far as possible, the right hand stretching back to hold the knee of the right leg, the left hand to hold the right toe, and the upper body to bow back as far as possible with the help of the hand.


After practicing both arms, the lines of the legs cannot be let go, with the perfect slender legs is the standard for all goddesses, the following yoga style we cannot miss, lose leg weight, achieve leg essence.


The first is to take the head as the fulcrum, the body upside down, the right hand under the head, to protect the head safety, the right leg stretch straight, the left leg to keep upright pressure, while the left hand grasps the left ankle, steady body shape.


The legs are opened at a certain angle, the right leg is bent and the toes point to the ground, the upper body is tilted to the right, the right arm extends to the back, the left hand presses the extended right hand, and the left leg is lifted from the lower leg to the left arm.


The right forearm falls to the ground, while the left hand supports the ground, the hands five fingers open, the body uses the strength of the hand to stand upside down, the right leg toes stretch straight, as far as possible backward extension, the left leg forward, bending from the knee.


In fact, for every girl, we all have their own unique beauty, but we often because of the limitations of the body cannot show, sister bo explained today that these yoga pose effect is still good, long-term stick to do, weight loss to improve temperament, will be able to get a good body!