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Drive a half - million car, with what watch? A reader friend recently asked his cousin such a question. In other words, a decent car has been driven, how to choose a decent watch.


It's not easy to answer such a question. Because the wealth, career or income that this half-million car represents is clearly not exactly understood through the car.


This is a portable VILLERET series 6651-1127-55B wrist watch with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, with date display function, ND 40mm, waterproof 30m.


This is an IWC Universal Portugal series IW371417 watch, which is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement with a fine steel material, a steel rhodium-plated dial, a blue crocodile leather strap, with the function of timing, etc., with a surface diameter of mm and a waterproof 30m. For example, some people earn tens of millions of dollars a year, driving a half-million car, while others may be hundreds of thousands of liquid assets, because of face, or the need to do business, so also loan to buy a half-million car and so on.


So, based on these uncertainties, it is obviously very difficult to recommend a watch, because the practicality of the watch, compared to the car, or a lot smaller, after all, is an accessory. However, such a question is not entirely unanswerable, because people's perception of the world is certainly common, that is, the complexity of things are also regular to follow, which also provides enlightenment and confidence for us to know some seemingly messy things.


This is a series of Q2788520 wristwatches with a hand-operated mechanical core, stainless steel case, vertical trim and print-out numbers on the silver dial, black crocodile leather strap, ND mm, waterproof 30m.


This is a Rolex submersible series 116610LN-97200 black disk watch, commonly known as \"nigger,\" which is equipped with automatic mechanical movement, the watch case and watch chain are 904L stainless steel material, with date display and other functions, Nominalization 40mm, waterproof 300m.


As for the relationship between watches, cars and income, there has always been a saying that \"annual pay to buy a car, monthly pay to buy a watch \", although there are inevitably biased, but also not unreasonable. Because, as mentioned before, the utility of the watch is obviously not as good as that of the car, so it doesn't have to cost too much money, but the importance of the watch is not completely negligible, especially the relationship between the watch and the car cannot be completely ignored.


This is a series of Omega Disc Flying watches, which carry automatic mechanical movement, the case is made of fine steel, dark blue dial, black crocodile leather strap, with date display, etc., with Nominalization 41mm, waterproof 100m.


This is a Real Force ELPRIMERO Series\/Wristwatch with automatic mechanical movement, with a fine steel case, a silver solar pattern and a dark brown crocodile leather strap, with features such as timing and power reserve display, with 42 mm surface and 100 m waterproof.


For example, you take pains to buy a luxury car, in order to make a facade for yourself, but because the watch is not in place, but accidentally exposed the \"foot \", even if the other side did not say, the role of the car has been greatly reduced. Therefore, if you have a luxury car, the significance of the watch cannot be completely ignored. I believe that for some people who often have an outfield, or more business activities, the price ratio of watches to luxury cars can be between 1\/10~1\/5, which is more coordinated and more reasonable. The introduction of several watches can be said to be more representative of the table for your reference.

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